I'm a Sydney-based family photographer who's passionate about pressing pause.  I want to capture your family, just as you are. Imperfectly perfect.

I'm a mum of two.  Like most mums, my iPhone is full of quick half-decent snaps of the kids and my husband.  And the odd selfie featuring me.

If that sounds like you too, I can't wait to meet you.

Your family albums aren't complete unless you are in them.  In the years to come your kids will want to look back and see you there with them.  

As someone who is much more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it, I totally understand the temptation to wait.  To wait for a special occasion, to shed the baby weight, to find the perfect outfit. But none of that really matters.  Our kids grow and change so fast, I promise you'll never regret capturing them (and you!) as you are right now.

Family photographs are for everyone.  Each one of the families I capture is unique; I don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach.  I want to photograph that uniqueness and give you a gallery of images that take you back to a moment in time, the joy, and the love.



When I had my daughter, I didn't book a newborn shoot.  There were a bunch of reasons: I don't really enjoy having my photo taken; I didn't feel good about my new figure; it seemed like a bit of a hassle.  

To be honest, I didn't feel 'worthy' of the investment.

Instead, I bought myself a camera and decided to learn how to take my own photos. That decision turned out to be a great one: it led me down a path to where I am today, capturing these special moments for other families.  

But it also means I don't have a single decent photo of myself with her when she was little.

When I finally bit the bullet and booked our own family photoshoot, I realised that the experience was far from awkward.  It was, dare I say, it, FUN.  Because I chose the right photographer for us, and I let go for a couple of hours.

And when I saw the photos, I loved them.  Because there I was, present, enjoying my family.  I remember that feeling every time I see those photos.

Let me capture that for you.



I believe that the best images come when you choose the right photographer for you.  So here's a little more about me...

  • I'm a Pom from Kent, England

  • I moved to Sydney 'for a year' in 2014...and I'm still here (sorry, Mum)

  • I met my Aussie husband on a backpacker tour in Ecuador in 2007. I  chose that particular tour company because my parents had recently been to Peru and spotted 'loads of slightly smelly young people having a great time'.  I was sold!

  • I am a dual-qualified lawyer, and practised for 12 years in London and Sydney, specialising in employment law

  • I have terrible (aka excellent) taste in TV.  Give me allll the reality shows Netflix can offer

  • I love skiing - it's the biggest thing I miss about Europe

  • I'm a tea drinker. Until I moved to Australia, I hated coffee.  And even now, I order a Mocha.  Which my husband refers to as a 'child's coffee'